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Our Focus is on You

We know your world is fast paced, with countless details to coordinate as you manage communications for the Board of Directors and its committees. Understanding your needs, respecting your preferences, valuing your time, ensuring the confidentiality of your business — these are all ways Chorus Call endeavours to support you, the corporate governance professional.

Chorus Call’s broad range of proprietary communication services allows you to select the right platform for your board and committee meetings, taking into account the board members’ comfort level with technology. Regardless of your choice, each comes with convenient mechanisms for you to ensure the security and confidentiality of your meetings.

So much more than leading edge technology, Chorus Call Canada is an attentive team of employee owners, backed up by our colleagues in Chorus Call offices around the world. Together we strive to ensure our clients receive high quality, consistent, secure services for teleconferencing, annual general meetings and many other types of conferencing.

If the service you’re currently receiving doesn’t WOW you, look to the Chorus Call team for a whole new level of support.

Email or call 1-800-319-3929 to speak with an account executive.


Why Select Chorus Call?

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Active in Your Community

Participating in numerous corporate secretary association conferences since 2007 has helped us become familiar with the roles and requirements of corporate secretaries and their boards. We understand your need to ensure the confidentiality and security for board and committee meetings. We’ve designed innovative solutions to help address these concerns.

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Designed with Confidentiality in Mind

Chorus Call and our sister company Compunetix have been designing, building and delivering communication technology and services for close to half a century. A key cornerstone in all that we do is ensuring that our clients have the means to secure their meetings. Passcodes, PINs, and the ability to lock calls are all now common in the industry. Today Chorus Call leads with the next wave of security features. Our web-based interface, Conductor Web for passcode teleconferencing, offers our clients a way to view and act on the lines of their call participants. If security is a concern of yours, Chorus Call is eager to help you understand how to manage the risks.

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Flexible Employee Owners

As employee owners in our company, the members of our team are driven to provide the highest calibre of service to our clients. We recognize that flexibility is a key component in the delivery of high quality client service and strive to accommodate whenever possible.

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We Don’t Sub-Contract your Teleconference or Webcast

Chorus Call delivers the teleconference, webcasting or webinar services we offer using our own proprietary technology, systems, and our own Chorus Call employees. We are entirely responsible for the quality of the service you receive!

Further Information

    • Email or call 1-800-319-3929 to speak with an account executive.