Reach More Audience for Less!

Sharp Designs ◆ High Resolution Images ◆ Interactive Features ◆ HD Audio

With decades of experience in webcasting corporate, educational, and not-for-profit events, Chorus Call is well positioned to help you produce a high quality webcast that will engage and inform your audience. Reach an unlimited number of participants or a select group of invited guests. It’s your choice!

Chorus Call uses proprietary technology to offer superior video quality and HD audio if desired. Streaming rates can be adjusted to produce the highest quality sound and image where band width of your audience is not a concern, or reduced to accommodate audiences in remote areas with lower band width.

Stream your event live as it happens and/or have it recorded for replay on-demand. Longer events, such as multi-day conventions, can be presented in multiple segments and arranged on an attractive landing webpage for ease of access.

If you haven’t tried webcasting, rest assured it’s a simple process from your standpoint. Your Chorus Call Account Executive will be pleased to provide you an overview and will see your project through to completion.

Email or call 1-800-319-3929

Why Select Chorus Call?

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Comprehensive Platform

  • Custom designed webcast frames reflecting your branding
  • Viewer registration to collect the details you require
  • Stream video or audio; with synchronized slides or a static image
  • HTTP streaming and responsive design ensures accessibility to a broad range of browsers and devices
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Features That Engage

  • Include webcast viewers in your Q & A session with the option to submit questions by text
  • Polling is supported and you may opt to share the results on screen
  • Post-event surveys are supported and an excellent way to get further insight
  • Links to web pages, documents or download a PDF of the presentation
  • Email or call 1-800-319-3929
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Consistent Quality You Can Count On

  • Clear and detailed confirmations to document your requirements
  • Excellent quality audio and video ensured by strict protocols for pre-event testing, volume monitoring and scheduled equipment maintenance
  • Accurate participant lists delivered by email promptly following the call
  • Experienced at collaboration with other professional teams to produce high quality events
  • Last minute reservations are accommodated to the best of our ability
  • Email or call 1-800-319-3929