Unique Benefits for Canada’s Not-for-Profit Sector!

Governance Tools ◆ Continuing Education ◆ Event Accessibility ◆ Transition Support

Business is not the only engine behind the success of our society. Volunteer and not-for-profit organizations are critical to the maintenance of the quality of life we enjoy. They enrich the world we live in by encouraging creativity, athletic endeavours, support for those in need, strengthening our schools . . . the list is endless.

Chorus Call is pleased to assist by offering our communication services at reduced rates for the not-for-profit sector.

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Why Select Chorus Call?

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Board & Committee Communication Tools

Ensuring good governance is an important tenet in the not-for-profit sector and Chorus Call offers a number of services that support this principle:

  • Conductor Web interface allows conference call hosts to see and manage their call on screen and all the lines connected.
  • Passcode Plus PIN teleconference configuration that helps control access to your board and committee calls and identifies who is on the call in a non-obtrusive manner.
  • C-Meeting, a web meeting platform which provides affordable video conferencing and document sharing, enhancing the level of communication achievable when compared to a regular conference call.

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Continuing Education & Volunteer Training

Professional associations offering for credit programs have a broad range of options for producing accessible education opportunities with Chorus Call. Charities and service organizations looking to train volunteers will find the same roster of options work well for their purposes:

  • Teleclasses or Telesiminars are available with various options including operator assisted Q&A and break-out discussion groups.
  • Webinars allow for many forms of interaction including verbal Q&A sessions, text chat, polling and webcam video conferencing. Chorus Call can assist you as you learn to manage your events yourself. The goal is self sufficiency and support is available to help you get there.
  • Webcasts of video or audio presentations, often from a venue with participants attending in person while others join virtually or watch an archived recording on demand. Chorus Call’s webcasting platform is very robust with many features to engage the audience.

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Enhance Accessibility to Events & Meet Your Mandate

We live in a very large country! In Canada travel takes more time and money than it does in other many other countries. This poses a challenge for national and event provincial organizations trying to attract membership, volunteers and provide services to a widely dispersed target groups. Chorus Call can help you address these and other accessibility challenges so you can build your organization and find new ways to meet your mandate.  Our new V-Expo platform for virtual and hybrid meetings, just might offer the solution you are looking for.

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Active in Your Community

Participating in Canadian Society of Association Executives events has helped us become familiar with the unique requirements of associations and other organizations in the not-for-profit sector. Meeting mandates while balancing budgets can be a real challenge and we’ve designed innovative solutions to help.