Platforms to Transmit Professional Corporate Messaging

External & Internal Communication Events ◆ Crisis Communication Systems ◆ Employee Searches ◆ Training & Orientation Sessions

Chorus Call has fine tuned many of our communication services to meet the specific requirements of Corporate Communications and Human Resources professionals. If you don’t see your specific requirement outlined below, please contact us to discuss what you want to accomplish. We would be happy to assist you in finding the right solution.

External & Internal Communication Events

  • News Conferences typically draw only members of the media from a close proximity unless there’s an opportunity to participate via a conference call and/or live webcast. Chorus Call operators are skilled in managing the complexities of Q&A sessions with questions from the assembled media and questions from the phone lines. If you’re new to the process, we’ll gladly share our experience with you and ensure you feel prepared to welcome national and international media to your news conference.
  • Corporate Announcements might be best handled by conference call and/or webcast. Chorus Call’s HD audio will elevate your event to broadcast quality.
  • Employee Town Halls are a very effective way for senior management to communicate big ideas and manage change within an organization. There are many ways a town hall can be organized to include remote participants. Chorus Call will work with you ensure the meeting facilitates the type of interaction you want to see take place.
  • Email or call 1-800-319-3929

Crisis Communication Systems

  • Chorus Call’s Crisis Hotline Service: In the event of an emergency, callers may dial in, enter a pre-determined passcode and hear a recorded update from your company. Each caller hears the message from the beginning, regardless of how many callers have dialed in at various times. Callers dial either a Canada/USA toll free number or a local Canadian number if calling from outside the toll free access zone. This service is strictly for providing a recorded message to update callers. Two way communication is not supported.

    Administrative access provides appropriate company representatives with the ability to dial in and record the message to be played to callers. At any time a new message can be recorded to replace the previous message. Audio files of the recordings are available upon request within 30 days of making the recording.

  • Emergency Blast Dial Out: This special teleconference configuration convenes an emergency conference call automatically upon request. Simply provide a list of the appropriate call participants in advance, along with their various contact numbers. When a call must be convened, any authorized person may dial Chorus Call’s teleconference bridge and enter a passcode to trigger the meeting. Upon entry of this code, the teleconference bridge immediately dials out to all the contact numbers in order to secure the attendance of the committee members. Whenever changes to the list of dial out names and numbers is required, an administrator will advise Chorus Call, who will in turn ensure the conference configuration is updated.
  • Email or call 1-800-319-3929

Employee Searches

  • Video Conferencing is an excellent cost saving solution that allows you to expand your search for executive or specialty skilled workers, without incurring significant travel expenses for candidates in remote locations. Whether you have your own video conference equipment and need to find facilities for your candidates to use, wish to rent an external room for your interview team, or are looking at using a webcam solution, Chorus Call is happy to assist in any way.
  • Web Meetings hosted on Chorus Call’s C-Meeting provide an opportunity to share documents while webcam video conferencing. Invite the candidate to take you through their electronic portfolio or use the platform to review your options with your selection team.
  • Email or call 1-800-319-3929

Training & Orientation Sessions

  • Employee Orientation and Training Modules can be hosted by Chorus Call in a number of formats and delivered in a number of ways.
  • Production Assistance is available to help members of your team generate customized materials for your orientation and training modules.
  • Email or call 1-800-319-3929