Scalable Communication Technology

Private Branding ◆ Administrative Control ◆ Audio & Video Bridges ◆ Custom Designed Systems

There comes a time when most growing companies identify advantages to bringing certain services in house. Each situation is unique, but you know when you need a new approach. The Chorus Call and Compunetix family of companies stand ready to assist with a full range of communication services that are scalable, brandable, and in some cases portable.

Whether your objective is greater autonomy, enhanced security, or cost savings, Chorus Call may have a solution right for you.

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Why Select Chorus Call?

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Private Branding

Chorus Call’s teleconferencing, webcasting and web meeting services can all be branded with your company name and graphics where applicable.

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Administrative Control

Sometimes the best customer service is providing access for clients to help themselves. Chorus Call has kept this in mind while taking a two pronged approach to client service. While maintaining the option for white glove personal support, we’ve also designed systems that provide our clients administrative control over their passcode teleconferencing and web meeting accounts. Individual account holders also have wide degrees of latitude on how they manage their own account using intuitive user interfaces.

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Purchasing Audio and/or Video Conference Bridges

Owning your own equipment can have financial benefits and/or enhance security. Chorus Call’s sister company, Compunetix has been building communication hardware for close to half a century. A global leader in the telecommunication industry, no matter which conference call company you use, there’s a good chance your calls are being hosted on a Compunetix teleconference bridge. We would be happy to assist you in considering our teleconference hardware.

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Custom Designed Systems

Along with our sister company Compunetix, we have considerable expertise in designing custom solutions to meet your unique requirements. We would be happy to introduce you to our specialized consultants.

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