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Cost recovery reporting ◆ Day-to-day client communication ◆ Special marketing events

Cost Recovery Reporting

Law and consulting practices have similar business models where expenses incurred while providing services are often billed back to the client, or at the very least tracked for analysis.

Chorus Call is pleased to offer a several options for passcode teleconferencing to assist with your cost accounting.

  • Passcode Plus Info account configuration will prompt the call host to code each call before the call gets underway. Up to two levels of coding are supported. These could be used, for example, 1. to note a client number and 2. as a matter or project code. The coding is numeric and completely under your control. These codes appear on the detailed call records available with invoicing and visible through online access to your records.
  • Chorus Call does not charge to set up or maintain passcode sets. Another option is to obtain a unique passcode set for the work you do with each of your clients. Each passcode set will be labelled with a billing reference to help you see at a quick glance which client the call related to.
  • Sub-Accounts with multiple passcode sets are available when multiple members of your team are involved in providing service to a major account. Various sub-accounts would be invoiced under your corporate account, again ensuring that division of expenses is managed with ease.
  • Email or call 1-800-319-3929

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Day-to-Day Client Communication

Staying in touch with your clients and prospective clients is an important part of what pays your bills. With Chorus Call you have a one-stop-shop for options and support to help you keep the lines of communication open.

  • Passcode Teleconferencing for day-to-day meetings by phone.
  • Video Conferencing for specific legal purposes such as taking depositions from witnesses in distant locations, or to simply enjoy enhanced communication that allows you to meet face to face without the investing time and money to leave your office.
  • Web Meetings that provide you good quality audio, the option of video, and the ability to share documents or applications from your desktop.
  • All of the above come with the support of your dedicated account executive and our professional conference specialists. It’s our business to ensure that you are comfortable and confident when using Chorus Call communication technology.
  • Email or call 1-800-319-3929

Marketing Events

Boost your business by hosting a special event. Develop a presentation, invite a respected authority to join you in a dialogue, assemble a panel of experts to discuss a hot topic in your field. The sky is the limit! Chorus Call account executives have a wealth of experience in event management and are happy to help you flesh out plans for your event.

Why Select Chorus Call?

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Experienced in Your Sectors

Chorus Call Canada has been supporting members of the legal profession and other consulting professionals for over a decade. We are familiar with the types of unique requirements that may come up and welcome the opportunity to provide you the level up support you would expect from a professional organization.

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Designed with Confidentiality in Mind

Chorus Call and our sister company Compunetix have been designing, building and delivering communication technology and services for close to half a century. A key cornerstone in all that we do is ensuring that our clients have the means to secure their meetings. Passcodes, PINs, and the ability to lock calls are all now common in the industry. Today Chorus Call leads with the next wave of security features. Our web-based interface, Conductor Web for passcode teleconferencing, offers our clients a way to view and act on the lines of their call participants. If security is a concern of yours, Chorus Call is eager to help you understand how to manage the risks.

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Flexible Employee Owners

As employee owners in our company, the members of our team are driven to provide the highest calibre of service to our clients. We recognize that flexibility is a key component in the delivery of high quality client service and strive to accommodate whenever possible.

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We Don’t Sub-Contract your Teleconference or Webcast

Chorus Call delivers the teleconference, webcasting or webinar services we offer using our own proprietary technology, systems, and our own Chorus Call employees. We are entirely responsible for the quality of the service you receive!