Video Conferencing

  VideoConferencing New  Seeing is connecting

Visual contact clearly enhances communication, instantly stimulating interest and increasing attentiveness. For hundreds of prominent, demanding clients all over the world, Chorus Call is the clear video conferencing provider of choice. Chorus Call’s video conferencing service may be enhanced by webcasting, allowing one to reach a wider audience, anytime, anywhere.

Just join . . . Chorus Call will handle the rest

Chorus Call specializes in white glove video conferencing services.  From pre-conference testing to guidelines on lighting and camera zoom, Video Specialists take great care in ensuring that conferences look and sound their best.  Moreover, Chorus Call’s video platform allows high definition video quality, multiple screen layouts, site identifiers, and full interactivity.  With Chorus Call’s involvement, the technology fades into the background and participants focus on the content of their meeting.

No video conferencing equipment?  No problem!

Chorus Call offers an application called Companion Web, which turns a PC into a video conferencing endpoint.  If many participants are expected at the same location, then Chorus Call can locate a video conferencing facility anywhere in the world.

Polished. Professional. Peace of Mind.

Chorus Call works with a myriad of industries. In particular, Chorus Call specializes in the areas of telemedicine and medical education. Prestigious healthcare facilities all over the world rely on Chorus Call for a polished, professional video conferencing experience.  Whether the video broadcast is a medical consultation, an educational seminar, a case presentation, an interactive workshop, a national symposium, or a weekly Grand Rounds gathering, clients have the peace of mind that Chorus Call provides the highest level of support.

To learn more about how Chorus Call video conferencing solutions can work for your particular needs, contact the office nearest you.