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Fall 2023

Chorus Call recognized as one of the Top Audiovisual Services Company in Australia

Chorus Call Australia has been recognized as one of Australia’s Top 5 Audiovisual Services Providers by CIOReview APAC. You can check out the interview here and the blog post here.

January 20, 2023

Board of Directors Appoint Michael Hockenberry President of Chorus Call and Compunetix

The Board of Directors of both Chorus Call and Compunetix are pleased to announce the appointment of longtime executive Michael Hockenberry to serve as President of both corporations. Hockenberry, who worked closely with company founder and CEO Giorgio Coraluppi for over thirty years, has been a key member of the management team and sits on the Board of Directors of both Chorus Call and Compunetix. Read More…

October 7, 2022

Dr. Giorgio Coraluppi, 88, President and Founder of Chorus Call, Compunetix, and Compunetics, passed away peacefully on September 28th, surrounded by family and loved ones. Dr. Coraluppi founded Compunetics and its affiliates in 1968 and had held the position of President and CEO ever since. Dr. Coraluppi was a brilliant engineer, a mathematician, and an inventor, who was recently recognized for inventing the modern conference call. Dr. Coraluppiā€™s life had a profound impact on the world and on the Pittsburgh technology community, through his many inventions and advancements in technological communications. Read More…