Audio Conferencing

 AudioConferencing New  Harmony with each collaboration

Voices in harmony: It’s the foundation of successful interpersonal communication. Chorus Call Audio Conferencing is an ideal combination of features and functionality. Technology that is supremely easy to use, yet with powerful features for those who desire complete meeting manageability including recording, text chat, translation and transcription. Chorus Call provides a full complement of audio conferencing services, each designed to work the way you need, any time you need it, with custom solutions always available.

Assisted Audio Conferences

Highly qualified Conference Specialists handle every detail, connecting each site to make sure your conference proceeds as planned. Chorus Call’s educated, skilled Conference Specialists consistently impress even long-time clients with their polished approach to each conference. Ideal for: Interactive financial results presentations, press releases, meetings of any kind, distance education. How it works: Just provide Chorus Call with the date and time of your conference and the number of participants, your customized feature requirements, and Chorus Call handles the rest. Operator assistance is immediately available at any time during the call at the press of a button.


A do-it-yourself audio conference with the security and reliability of Chorus Call technology. An operator is always available during the call if the need should arise. Ideal for: Ad hoc and informal phone meetings and announcements to smaller groups, typically less than 30 people. How it works: No scheduling necessary, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with either toll-free or toll-charge numbers available. Participants simply dial in to the designated number at the specified date and time and enter a passcode. Importantly, even with the reservationless system, a conference specialist is available should you need assistance.