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C-Meeting is an innovative platform that goes beyond the limits of traditional web-based communication by integrating audio and webcam support, document sharing, text chatting and more into intuitive all-in-one virtual meeting spaces.  C-Meeting enables you to bring together people throughout your organization in an instant. Meetings can be organized as a host-controlled broadcast or open forum. With C-Meeting you’ll have the tools to reach your audience, share your message, and spur collaboration.

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One Click VC

Traditional Video conferencing solutions require the use of hardware or software endpoints which are expensive and require tedious setup. Chorus Call’s One Click VC is a state of the art video conferencing platform that facilitates one on one or multi-panel video interactions with ease to save valuable time, energy & resources.

One Click VC uses the WebRTC protocol which enables video meetings without the need for any investment in hardware endpoints or technical support and will not need any additional downloads or plugins to function.

Join your video meeting by simply entering a URL in your browser. You can also use Chorus Call’s Video Bridging Services to connect additional parties on video room and software based endpoints. Advanced features such as screen sharing, File sharing, Recording and Text chat are also available

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