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The Diamond of Teleconferencing

Chorus Call is a global teleconferencing service provider with over four decades of international experience. The company is uniquely positioned by virtue of being the only conferencing services company in the world which is also a market leader in the design and manufacturing of audio conferencing equipment, through the brand name Compunetix (www.compunetix.com).

We have been successfully operating in India as a leading service provider and are well recognized for our high quality standards and superior customer service. As testimony to this fact, Chorus Call is the first and currently the only ISO 9001:2015 certified teleconferencing service provider in India.

There is an extraordinary level of precision and care that goes into providing the world’s leading teleconferencing. To make each conference a success, to earn decades of loyalty from the most demanding, high level customers, to earn to the respect and admiration of others in the industry, takes unparalleled commitment to excellence. It’s hard work. But Chorus Call’s hard work makes your choice simple.

You can be confident that you’ll always be served by conference specialists who are courteous, intelligent and highly professional.

Chorus Call tailors its service to its clients’ needs, whether in designing custom conferencing solutions or in responding quickly to short-notice conferences.

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