Investor Relations

Professional, reliable conferencing for your most critical meetings

Why do so many of the world’s highest-ranked corporations and financial firms trust Chorus Call to handle their Investor Relations teleconferencing?

  • Extraordinary professionalism with strict attention to detail
  • Flexibility in scheduling, even on short notice
  • Customized solutions
  • Personalized service designed especially for IR conferences
  • Highest technical quality and reliability

Distance Learning

By utilizing Chorus Call’s Specialized Distance Learning solutions, you can:

  • Share instructional material in any file type
  • Conduct brainstorming sessions using electronic whiteboards
  • Encourage interaction and collaboration among your target group
  • Effortlessly record and archive all distance learning sessions
  • Conduct audio based Q&A sessions or submit them via a customized web portal
  • Polling with instantaneous results
  • Receive tailored participant reports

Chorus Call’s conferencing services can help training and education professionals create a global learning environment.

Corporate Town Halls

Reach out to your team effectively and give them the opportunity to be heard. Chorus Call is the established leader at delivering high touch conferencing solutions for large scale participation. For over four decades we have worked with several large corporations & global institutions to flawlessly execute their corporate communications.


  • Capacity to support thousands of participants
  • Outbound Invitations & Registration Confirmations
  • Interactive Tools like polling, Q&A and surveys
  • Webcast option available as an Add-on
  • Professionally managed by our expert team of moderators
  • Mobile Apps for convenient access

Business Continuity Conferences

When a crisis hits an institution, it is extremely important to reach out to key decision makers immediately. It often is the difference between crisis management and absolute disaster.

Our Crisis Communication Service is strategically designed solution that gives you peace of mind in critical circumstances by allowing you to get in contact with the people you need to, instantly.

All you need to do is dial the access number and enter your Crisis Communication Pin provided by Chorus Call. Our system will dial out a pre-determined list of participants, provided by you in advance, requesting them to join in an emergency conference. You can provide multiple contact numbers for each participant and all numbers will be tried once the conference has been triggered.

Dealer Networking

Chorus Call’s audio, web and video conferencing solutions will help you improve your business communication enabling you to reduce time spent with unqualified prospects and keep updated on the latest market activity. By being able to meet your team more often to review dealer network pipelines and forecast numbers, you can cut your time out on the field and introduce new initiatives effectively.

Our state of the art technology platforms are able to execute Blast Dial Outs with crystal clear live messages to communicate to your network, helping you strengthen or maintain your relationships and stay on top of competitors.

HR Interviews

Chorus Call is uniquely positioned among video conferencing service providers to deliver expertly managed interactive conferencing solutions that are custom designed to meet your the unique requirements of Human Resource Verticals.

Video Based Solutions for HR:

  • Interviews – Facilitate multi-panel interviews with ease to save valuable time, energy & resources on strenuous travel & accommodation. Complete hand holding of all sessions from initiation to conclusion.
  • Video Resumes – Create a sneak preview of candidates using our video platform forming a library of video profiles for your HR team to screen.
  • Trainings – Industry experts can directly interact with trainees without having to worry about any dilution of experience using our virtual platform.
  • Learning & Development – Companies can offer management development programs to its employees without having them compromise on their daily responsibilities.
  • Employee Town halls – Communicate important messages to all your employees and give them the opportunity to be heard.