HD Audio

Amplify your next Investor Relations Event

High Definition (HD) audio conferencing is the pinnacle of a high-quality event. Like the jump from black-and-white television to color, once you experience the rich acoustics of HD audio, nothing else will compare.

Chorus Call helps you provide the clear guidance your investors have been waiting to hear.

Hear What You Are Missing During Your Conference

Natural Communication

Recognize the subtleties between voices, identify speakers, and catch every nuance of the conversation. With HD audio, participants sound as if they are just a few seats away, even when they are halfway across the globe.

Better Comprehension

Did she say, “ROI” or “ROA”? With HD audio conferencing, those moments you take to decipher a word or phrase will be a thing of the past. When the CEO sounds like she is right next to you, nothing will be missed.

Reduce Audio Fatigue

When you make the switch to HD audio, the wider audio spectrum allows you to finally hear the high and low frequencies absent from narrow-band conferencing. This richer sound alleviates fatigue on the ear, allowing your analysts to focus on your presentation instead of straining to understand what they may be missing.

Understanding Accents

In an audio conference, you listen to a kaleidoscope of voices – each possessing unique pitch, strength, and articulation. HD audio allows you to overcome these barriers of communication, more easily understand individuals with accents, and more effectively communicate in the global market.

The Supremacy of HD Audio in Investor Relations

Clarity. Guidance. Conveying strategy.

All are crucial elements of a quarterly investor relations event. With Chorus Call’s HD audio platform, feel confident that your stakeholders are getting the message you are delivering, just as if you were speaking to them in the boardroom.

High Definition Audio is Clarity Beyond Comparison

Key Technologies

  • Experience the conference audio you are meant to hear.
  • Innovative signal processing reveals extended range of sound, naturally and clearly.
  • Audio sampling rate of 16 kHz versus standard 8 kHz – no additional bandwidth needed.

Chorus Call Quality

Dedicated to delivering superior service, Chorus Call provides our clients with the highest quality conferencing experience.

As a pioneer of high-quality conferencing for more than twenty years, Chorus Call offers a broad spectrum of custom audio and video conferencing, webinars, webcasts, and event management for large enterprises, middle market companies, government, and nonprofit organizations. In addition, Chorus Call affords customers a full suite of standard and value added offerings including assisted and unassisted service, web conference control and media streaming, as well as specialized tools for investor relations and other special markets.