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rp_imm_std  Video Room Design

Video Room Design is a task that requires specialization and knowledge in several key areas of technology. Video rooms have elements of Acoustics, Networking, Audio/Visual and sometimes Telecomms (PSTN or ISDN lines). Therefore, it is key to have knowledge in all of the above areas in order to provide a reliable design service that will result in a successful room implementation.

Chorus Call Greece provides the design services, having the required knowledge in these key areas, together with past experience from installations in corporate meeting rooms of all sizes.

We also provide products and accessories to complement the videoconferencing system room installation such as wireless and ceiling microphone systems, echo cancelers, Audio Visual systems and other relevant peripherals.

Another part of a design and implementation of a Video Room for a customer is to provide the customer with Acoustics and lighting guidelines.

   Corporate Events

One of the keys to Chorus Call’s success is the understanding that no two clients, and no two conferences, are exactly alike. Chorus Call has designed conferencing services to work together in the way that best suits your needs. Chorus Call’s experienced, highly trained conferencing specialists will listen to what you want to accomplish, then help you choose the tools that will deliver exactly what you need. In other words, Chorus Call’s approach, the approach that has earned the loyalty of so many long-term customers, is to tailor conferencing services to meet your needs, not the other way around.

As you read through the description of Chorus Call’s services, remember that no matter what your conferencing need, whether it be the type of applications, the particular audience, the locations, or any kind of enhancement or additional service, Chorus Call has the unique experience and expertise to provide the solution.