Investor Relations

Why do so many of the world’s highest-ranked corporations and financial firms trust Chorus Call to handle their Investor Relations teleconferencing?

  • Extraordinary professionalism with strict attention to detail
  • Flexibility in scheduling, even at short notice
  • Customized solutions
  • Personalized service designed especially for IR conferences
  • Highest technical quality and reliability


Chorus Call specializes in large, national/international Conference Events with areas of expertise including:

  • Public Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Marketing Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Transaction Communications


Chorus Call’s customized services include the following:

  • Local & Toll free dial-in numbers from around the world
  • Pre-event subconferences
  • Digital Playback
  • Prompt and precise Transcription Services
  • Conference recordings using the media of your choice
  • Accurate dial-in and log-in name lists


Interactive “View Q&A” for Question and Answer sessions

  • Real time view of participants queued for Q&A.
  • Interactive “chat text” management capabilities between conferencing specialist and moderators/speakers



  • Pre-registration of participants so valuable data can be collected and reported in advance of the event
  • E-mail reminders with personal access codes for registered participants
  • Customized greeting; including company name, title of the call and scheduled commencement time
  • DiamondPass™ participants zip right into your event call while their personal data registers automatically! Upon immediate entry DiamondPass™ callers are informed that they are confirmed and the event will begin shortly.
  • Participants listen to hold music until the Chorus Call conferencing specialist commences the call.
  • A perfect tool for getting large events started on time.
  • Upon request, Chorus Call will also maintain a detailed database of your participants, including unique information such as name, title, organization, email address and mailing address.