Audio Conferencing

Unassisted Teleconferencing
Unassisted Teleconferencing is the fast and simple way to host impromptu meetings, team briefings, customer interactions or any form of announcement, with very little effort.

Assisted Teleconferencing
With Assisted Teleconferencing, you can be assured of higher attendance levels, superior call quality and convenience.

Video Conferencing
Video conferencing is just one of the ways organisations can reduce their carbon emissions and contribute to minimize the effects fo climate change. It’s a powerful multi-media tool offering face to face to face communication more efficiently and effectively.

Investor Relations Services
As one of the world’s foremost conferencing specialists, Chorus Call offers the most advanced and experienced portfolio of conferencing and collaborations services.

Chorus Call brings the power of professional-quality webcasting to large and small clients throughout the world. Our feature-rich Media Frame platform leverages the power of the web to deliver both live and on-demand streaming of multimedia presentations for investor relations, distance learning, professional development, product introduction and more. Customized to reflect your corporate identity, the Media Frame utilizes your graphics, logos, fonts, and verbiage. A selection of our most popular configurations for Audio and Video webcasts are available for your review.