Business Continuity Conferencing

When a critical issue hits an organisation instant access to key decision makers can be the difference between a managed crisis and a disaster.

Chorus Call South Africa has developed Business Continuity Conferencing (BCC) as a service that gives you peace of mind that when issues happen, you have the communication systems in place to get to the people who need to know.

How it works

  1. It is decided that an emergency conference needs to take place
  2. The initiator of the call dials an access number and enters the Host/Blast Passcode
  3. Our system detects the request and dials out a preset list of participants prompting them to enter a security code to join an emergency conference
  4. Accepting participants’ names are recorded and they are entered into conference with initiator of the call
  5. Multiple contact numbers can be listed for each participant and all numbers will be tried
  6. If a participant gets disconnected during the call, they can dial into the meeting with a Guest Code to rejoin the call
  7. The teleconference is automatically recorded for audit trail purposes (optional)

Please contact us on of call 011 305 2000 for more information, or to set up a test call.