C-Meeting – Web Meetings & Webinars


Whether you are looking to enhance your day-to-day teleconferences with web meeting features or planning to host a series of webinars, C-Meeting is the platform for you. C-Meeting is revolutionizing the world of web-based meetings with a robust selection of features and a social media oriented design.

Take your Online Meetings to the next level

With the excellent resolution of the webcam video conferencing and the ability to display multiple video images side by side, this easy to use and professional platform offers a real alternative to meeting in person. Consider the benefits of supplementing your in person meetings with the opportunity to touch base more frequently by using a professional online meeting platform. The efficiencies you could realize are truly amazing.

Chorus Call has chosen to deliver it all. No features are withheld, even from the basic licenses. Accounts are available for meetings of up to 15, 25, 50, and 100 seats. Pay-as-you-go, monthly or annual payment options are available.

Larger licenses may also be arranged.


Contact us or Call us at +41 (0) 91 612 43 00 to get further information.

Feature Rich Meetings


  • No downloads required for most participants (Flash required)
  • Integrated with the Chorus Call teleconferencing bridge to provide excellent audio in meeting
  • Webcam video conferencing with many configuration options
  • Teleconference integration and other audio options
  • Optional VOIP compatibility
  • Dial Out to participants from the platform
  • Meeting library which houses documents for each meeting
  • Host and share control with additional presenters
  • Display documents; stream audio and video clips
  • Easy access for guest presenters to take viewers through documents in library
  • Desktop sharing to include your proprietary applications, processes, web-based content
  • Store materials in your meeting library
  • Voting/Polling with option to publish results
  • Text chat with many configuration options
  • Host managed Q&A
  • Record the meeting and obtain an MP4 file including Host Video and shared content
  • Operator assistance option


  • Hosted on a secure HTTPS server
  • Lock your call to prevent anyone else, including an operator, from joining
  • Disconnect or place a caller on hold during a confidential portion of a discussion
  • See your meeting on screen and all of the lines active in the call


  • Account holder access to the Chorus Call Help Desk for technical support
  • Robust reporting
  • Meeting history for ease in repeating configurations
  • Instant archiving of recorded meetings on your account
  • Pre-set meeting templates
  • My contacts page
  • My profile page linked to LinkedIn and Facebook profile
  • Connect with your LinkedInTM account
  • Pre-recorded or YouTube hosted video sharing within meeting


Get Started

Request your free trial account and explore the rich roster of features yourself. Alternatively, get started right away with your account for up to 15, 25, 50 or 100 seats.


Contact us or Call us at +41 (0) 91 612 43 00 to get further information.