Why Choose Chorus Call?

Caring, Flexible, Professional
At Chorus Call Switzerland, we strive to deliver caring, flexible and professional service to all of our clients.
Your organization is unique, so is your communication strategy. You will enjoy direct contact with your dedicated Account Executive and our professional technical team. We have watched many of our clients grow with the support of our communication services. We hope we will have the pleasure of developing a long-term business relationship with your organization as well.

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Experts in Many Sectors
Chorus Call Switzerland has made considerable investments in developing an understanding of the communication requirements within the various sectors we specialize in supporting. Participation in professional associations, attending conferences and talking with professionals in various fields are instrumental. Engaging with various sectors helps us develop a solid understanding of how specific professions and industries use communication technology.
With Chorus Call Switzerland, you can have confidence that we have a foundation of knowledge about how communication technology and services can and are being utilized to help you meet objectives in your sector.

No Contracts
At Chorus Call Switzerland, we prefer to rely on the superior quality of our service to keep you coming back.

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Last Minute Requests
Need to organize a conference call, webcast or video conference on short notice? No problem!
We have a 24 hour reservation line and we will gladly do our best to meet your timeline.

Fair and Transparent Billing
You will only be charged for the actual number of minutes used per participant to the minute. These details will be reflected on your invoice. With the exception of very large volume calls requiring special arrangements, Chorus Call will not ask you to reserve lines in advance, and will not charge you for lines that are not actually used.

We Don’t Sub-Contract your Teleconference or Webcast
Chorus Call delivers your teleconference, webcast and/or webinar using our own proprietary technology, software and our own Chorus Call employees. We are entirely responsible for the quality of the service you receive!

Security Features
Chorus Call and our sister company Compunetix have been designing, building and delivering communication technology and services for close to half a century. A key cornerstone in all that we do is ensuring that our clients have the means to secure their meetings. Passcodes, PINs, and the ability to lock calls are all now common in the industry. Today Chorus Call leads with the next wave of security features. Our web-based interface, Conductor Web   for passcode teleconferencing, offers our clients a way to view and act on the lines of their call participants. If security is a concern of yours, Chorus Call is eager to help you understand how to manage the risks.


At Chorus Call Switzerland, we don’t believe one size fits all. Your account executive will gladly discuss the various options available to customize your conference call, webcast or web meeting to fit your needs.


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