Roots that Run Deep


In Communications & High Technology

Chorus Call boasts a proud heritage among the pioneers of teleconferencing, video conferencing and webcasting.

Compunetix is respected by telecom industry insiders for expertise, innovation, customer service and corporate stability. Every day, hundreds of organizations around the world rely on Compunetix for the highest level of quality and service. Compunetix currently has conferencing bridges installed in practically every major market around the globe.

Chorus Call serves a full spectrum of companies in the global business community with a physical presence in twelve major markets. While each local office tailors their services to meet the needs of their marketplace, the teams collaborate on a regular basis to advance the technology and the capabilities of the organization as a whole. This sharing of best practices has allowed Chorus Call to move into the forefront of corporate conferencing on every continent; providing boutique quality teleconferencing, webcasting, webinar and video conferencing services to public companies ranging from small mining and forestry operations to some of the largest Swiss banks.

Forty-plus Years of Looking Forward

The Chorus Call and Compunetix development teams excel at engineering enhancements for our service offerings. With input from all sectors of the organizations, exciting new applications are frequently released. Chorus Call clients benefit from this nexus of teamwork, talent, and vision.