Install your own equipment and make video conferencing an everyday norm

Video Conference Codecs

Occasional users of video conferencing will go off-site to rent a meeting room equipped with a video conference codec to join a video conference call. Room rental fees can be very expensive and leaving the office is inconvenient. It makes good sense to consider installing a video conference codec in your own board room. The time and money saved on travel and external room rental fees will quickly pay for the cost of the equipment.

Chorus Call is an authorized reseller of two video conference codec product lines, representing different options on the cost and quality spectrum.

Regardless of your budget, we’re confident that we can assist you in finding a solution to meet your video conferencing requirements.

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Video Conference Bridges

Depending on the video conference codec being used, a video conference bridge might be required when joining more than two video end points. Bridging also helps join participants on regular phones or webcam video connections. Bridging services are available through companies such as Chorus Call.

Larger companies or organizations with strict security protocols may find it beneficial to own their own video conference bridge rather than using the bridge of a service provider.

Compunetix, the sister company of Chorus Call, is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of high end video conference bridges.

Your conferencing bridge could be installed at your facility or in a purpose-built environment managed by Chorus Call.

Bridge management and operator training is available. Alternatively, Chorus Call can provide these services on a contract basis.

Should your organization wish to explore the option to purchase your own bridge, we offer a variety of sizes and options, and service plans.

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